Under the old Podocarpus Falcatus tree number 16

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Under the old Outeniqua yellowwood tree, which has its roots deep in the BRC

There is perched a bench for both you and me upon which to sit and contemplate

That which we struggle of to be free.


Under the old Outeniqua yellowwood tree, the mist rises from the valley below

Encompassing all our space yet the old Outeniqua tree supports us with her grace

When the mist has left the sun shine prevails, the old Outeniqua yellowwood tree

Provided lots of shady space.


So when you are far away from here and in a saddened rush,

Just stop for a moment and remember the place under the old Outeniqua yellowwood tree.


Mark Gettliffe
Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo, KwaZulu-Natal, September 2018

© Mark Gettliffe