The Mist


The Mist diffuses the light

Offering it equitably

To parts of the world

Content in the shadows,

Those places normally

Blessed by direct contact with the sun

Do not protest this redistribution

They sit

Patiently, humbly

Honoring the grace of the mist


The birds honor it too

For they have not fled in fear of The Mist

They sit perched in perfect balance

Quietly observing the calm

Even the Hadeda,

which never misses a chance to announce its showy presence

is quiet and bows to the power of

The Silence


The Mist lays over the treetops

A still, fuzzy blanket

Nurturing life into the green of the leaves

I feel it too,

The swaddle of it’s embrace

Encouraging me to sit still

Allow the energy to settle

Whispering, “It’s okay to be okay.”


By Michelle G. Marshall

Buddhist Retreat Centre Sept 2017

© Michelle G Marshall