Finding a safe home within

I offer retreats and courses integrating Buddhist meditation and psychotherapy, drawing on the wisdom of Buddhist psychology. Through a combination of meditation (including mindfulness and metta), self-reflection and psychological inquiry, these powerful practices and teachings deepen our awareness of the present moment and develop a more compassionate relationship to ourselves and others.

Although I am not currently offering long-term individual psychotherapy to new clients, I do offer limited individual sessions to those attending my courses and retreats.

Half-day, Day-long & Family Retreats

A taste of the silent retreat experience which allows newcomers to find out more about this approach and regulars to deepen their practice in a nurturing group setting.

Family half-day retreats for parents and their children introduce meditation and Buddhist teachings in an accessible way.

Residential Silent

Ranging from 1 to 9 nights, these retreats are held in contemplative silence and framed within a psychological understanding.

Short, individual sessions and listening and talking meditations provide deeper insight through dialogue with Sue. Suitable for newcomers and experienced meditators.

Meditation Courses
& Groups

I offer CPD accredited group sessions for health, mental health and allied health professionals and others interested as well as 6 week Open the Heart and Still the Mind courses integrating meditation and Buddhist psychology, when time allows.

No previous experience of psychotherapy or meditation is required.

CPD accreditation for health, mental health and allied health professionals is available for many of the courses and retreats. Email to find out more.