Sacred Poetry is a page of written and visual pieces, which have been created by people
who have felt inspired and moved to express themselves whilst on my
Open the Heart and Still the Mind silent retreats.

I am extremely grateful for the permission to share their beautiful work.

Anyone wanting to share their written or visual creations on this page can please email me on
All photos not taken by Sue have permission for use and are credited with appreciation.

That Mountain that is Life

I climb the mountain that towers above, looking back to see below, the breeze is blowing, my mind is going, but oh how stunning As I walk on mother earth, She invites me to sit... Read More

Sweet Child

I can see where you are and well you may ask. Ask me anything, sweet child.   Yes, tides can change the course of things when the moon pulls the ocean this way, that way.... Read More

Walking Meditation

There is a beginning, a middle and an end, which may differ from day to day. With loving kindness I choose my pace, where I begin and where I end. I put aside unreliable thoughts... Read More


You are not the beginning nor the end you are a multitude of discrete moments all muted into this perfect present moment   You are the past and the future leaning back and lurching forward... Read More

the hands that hold

“Everything you need is within yourself, hold your being high with reverence and love”   Craig and Monique The Blue Butterfly, May 2018 © Craig and Monique Read More

At the Water’s Edge

At the water’s edge I’ll meet you Where the lapping ripples dance Where the wind gently sways soft on the skin.   At the water’s edge I’ll meet you where sunbirds come to drink their... Read More

Welcome Home

They say, “Welcome Home” as if it’s a simple act. A joyous event. Like no thought needs to go into it. It simply stands. As it is. Welcome Home. The first word is difficult. Welcome.... Read More


I have received so little time and space to be. I have tucked myself into the needs of others: The family that needed me to be all that my sister wasn’t. The clients that needed... Read More

The hellos, the goodbyes

The hellos, the goodbyes. There is no beginning, no end. The seamless night turns to flowing day. The point at which day becomes night, and night becomes day, is no point, only a seamless meeting... Read More

How to Draw The Sacred Mountain

Start with a block As scared and as closed as you or I   Fill it with stone Your rocks and pebbles A Boulder perhaps To spare   Carve out the valleys That the rains... Read More

You, I, we

  With you Head to head Palm to palm Knee to knee Sitting   Mere breath vapor Condensed from the heat Of your solidity   You will not stay   I sit Knee to knee... Read More

A Dharmagiri Blessing

May the soft grass tickle The soles of your feet Though it gives way to the mud   May the cool mud envelope And nourish your skin Though it gives way To the rocks  ... Read More

A Blanket of Mist

A mist so thick and heavy it seems to grow from the ground Hangs a veil over sight and amplifies sound When vision is unable to see the folds of land afar It becomes an... Read More

Birds of the Boma

80 wings beat, presence called by a dispersed orchestra of 40 organic chimes Rippling over landscapes Peaks which rise and fall out from the silent gaps in time As they come and go so freely... Read More

I sit here on this beautiful day

I sit here on this beautiful day Surrounded by the magnificence of your mountains You have absorbed my howling from the very first time I came here Your winds have dried up my tears Your... Read More

The Mist

  The Mist diffuses the light Offering it equitably To parts of the world Content in the shadows, Those places normally Blessed by direct contact with the sun Do not protest this redistribution They sit... Read More

I made a stream flow above me

I made a stream flow above me In Emoyeni Water long stagnant, I hacked mindlessly at beauty – and weeds With roots as tangled and deep as falsehood itself ‘We will grow again’ they mock... Read More