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Open the Heart and Still the Mind: Finding Wholeness through Silence

22 July - 27 August 2017: 5-week meditation programme

This 5 week course, facilitated by clinical psychologist Sue Cooper, integrates the wisdom of Buddhist psychology and meditation, a powerful practice for deepening our awareness of the present moment and developing a more compassionate relationship to ourselves and others.

In a contained and nurturing atmosphere, we will explore different ways to heal from the fragmentation of our fear-based addictive patterns of behaviour, drawing on Buddhist teachings and practices which encourage kindness and compassion. Through a combination of meditation practices which emphasize embodied awareness, qigong movement meditation and self-reflection, we will experience the integration of body, heart and mind, leading to states of calm and balance. There will be an opportunity in each session for analytic reflection, as well as for contemplative silence, providing an experience of both the psychological and meditative approaches to inner healing and transformation.

This programme takes place over 4 half-days and 1 day-long retreat and is suitable for beginner and experienced practitioners.

No previous experience of psychotherapy or meditation is required, but if you are involved with either or both, this process will support and complement that work.